I teach

I’ve taught acting, story-making, and film production for 20 years, in places like Liberties College Dublin, The Gaiety School of Acting, The New York Film Academy at Universal Studios, and The Studio School, Los Angeles.

My students come from all over the world. Here’s what they say.

Andrej Pisoncik

“Marc-Ivan is the best teacher I’ve had in my film studies over the years. I have learned a lot about the storytelling and film language. His filmmaking classes at NYFA were demanding, but always very informative and a lot of fun. He guided us superbly through the process of writing, directing, post production, all the way to complete our short movies and the feedback throughout the process was always honest and to the point.”

Andrej Pisoncik – USA

Federica S. Samperi

“Marc-Ivan’s passion for story-telling & acting is reflected in each one of his lessons. He always makes us laugh with his very straight forward feedback (which has been very helpful at all times, especially regarding bringing freshness and truthfulness to our scenes). I am grateful for everything I learned from him.”

Federica S. Samperi – Argentina

Niamh Begley Luke

“Marc-Ivan helped me a lot in my final year of training at DkIT. He taught me to trust in my instincts, and that acting can be used as an art form, as well as, storytelling.”

Niamh Begley Luke – Ireland

Céline Tshika

“I’m incredibly grateful to have been taught by Marc-Ivan. He has a wealth of knowledge and experience, with a refreshing sense of humour that made his classes really enjoyable. He provided valuable feedback on storytelling and video editing that pushed me miles ahead of where I’d started. So, I should probably thank him at some point.”

Céline Tshika – South Africa

Wesley Fuller

“Marc-Ivan is one of the best film/acting instructors I have had. Not only is he a knowledgeable individual, but also makes lessons fun and informative. He knows just how to coach an actor as well push him or her to reach their best potential.”

Wesley Fuller – USA

Alex Huang

“His class was the funniest one I’ve ever taken. I never went to his classes without laughing out loud, and I learned a lot. He pointed out my problems directly, which was exactly what I wanted my teachers to do. Best teacher ever, great sense of humor, super patient, and so hot.”

Alex Huang – Taiwan

Elisabeth Johansson

“Marc-Ivan, I’m so honored to have met and worked with him. He makes acting fun and creates a safe environment to work in. He works with you patiently and pushes you to where you need to be. Actors/actresses should all have the opportunity to work with Marc-Ivan O’Gorman!”

Elisabeth Johansson – Sweden

Gaye Wolf

“Listening to Marc-Ivan’s tutoring on dramatic writing had me so focussed, I couldn’t transcribe fast enough, anxious I’d miss a word. The notes I took from him are treasured and go to every coffee shop with me in an endeavour to guide me in my current writing project. His efforts went above and beyond in encouragement to our group resulting in the production of our works on radio. This will sustain me and give me the push to carry onwards and upwards.”

Gabrielle Wolfe – Ireland

Phoebe Gu

” He was my Acting for Film professor in New York Film academy. I like to work with him together. His teaching was through workshop to make me learn a lot about film. He made me learn how to be an actor from different positions. It’s a useful experience for my acting. People feel very easy to work with me now. I understand them very soon.”

Phoebe Gu – China

Lise Kearney

“I had the pleasure to take filmmaking classes with Marc-Ivan at NYFA. I appreciated his honesty and problem solving skills when helping me with my final project. He always brought the best out in every student.”

Lise Kearney – USA

Christian Bulich

“I had the pleasure to be in Marc-Ivan’s class at NYFA and it was one of my favorite experiences during my time at that school.

His way of teaching gives you a lot of freedom in developing your own way of approaching things and at the same time creates a very intimate and familiar environment. The creativity that he brings to class encourages you to fully invest yourself and makes it an overall fun and challenging experience.

I can truly recommend his class and really hope that at some point I’m going to be able to work with him again.”

Christian Bulich – Germany

Laura Van Yck

“Marc-Ivan is a great teacher, I always liked his classes! He explains everything well and makes time for his students to give personal feedback on their projects.”

Laura Van Yck – Belgium

Screen Shot 2022-01-16 at 8.04.26 PM

“I attended Marc Ivan’s classes in 2001 and 2021. Filmmaking and writing respectively. I make sure to go back to MI’s class because I know that even after I have enriched my storytelling knowledge over those twenty years I will still benefit from his unique refreshing perspective that seems to incorporate a multitude of views from world philosophy, theater, cinema, radio and more to deliver an inspiring and informative learning experience every class.”

Ahmed Badran – Egypt

Dennis Mailu

“It was a pleasure attending classes by Marc-Ivan in Los Angeles. He helped me grasp the important fundamentals of the industry, especially through practical experience in the script to screen process, all in a friendly and enjoyable approach! As an actor, the knowledge I gained from the classes are helping me value the art to a deeper extent on a daily basis.”

Dennis Mailu – Kenya

Sarah Brine

“Marc Ivan is truly an amazing teacher! He is extremely knowledgeable and helpful! I learned so much from having him as a teacher!”

Sarah Brine – USA

Daniel Colt

“Marc Ivan is an unbelievably perceptive teacher who truly comes from a place of love for the craft. He will hold you to the high standard necessary to make professional work but more than that he will push you to unlock your potential as an artist.”

Daniel Colt – Colombia

Screen Shot 2020-01-27 at 10.43.36 AM

“Remembering my classes with Marc Ivan takes me back to some very crucial moments of my craft development. I was taught to explore the different realms within character work- from rehearsal, to observation and repetition, as well as, gaining improvisational skills that I will take with me anywhere I go.”

Elle Bessa – Portugal

Marc Bethke

“Marc-Ivan was my first directing teacher, and I couldn’t have been more lucky. He understands the craft of filmmaking as a whole, looking at it from all perspectives. As a teacher, his thorough knowledge makes him able to ask the questions that really help you to grow as a student. He is highly motivated, passionate and respectful, and he obviously cares about his students. And yes, his Irish accent is lovely to listen to and he is a very funny man.”

Marc Bethke – Germany

Emily Rainey

“Marc Ivan is one of my favorite teachers of all time. He has a certain way about him where he challenges you, understands you, pushes you, and accepts you all in one. Overall and amazing human and teacher.”

Emily Rainey – USA

Sara Sedran

“I took Marc-Ivan’s class my first semester of college. As a young actor I learned from him acting, writing, producing, editing and everything necessary to become a 360 degree developed storyteller. He is patient, kind and takes good care of his students. The qualities that make him a great teacher are his passion, honesty, Irish sense of humor, capability of approaching different actors through different methods. I would recommend him to anyone seeking great mentorship.”

Sara Sedran – Italy

Daniel Wheatley

Marc-Ivan was one of the first teachers I had in college and he set the standard for all the others I have had since. He was professional and personable, and he made class as fun as it was productive.

Daniel Wheatley – USA

Natalia Molero

Having Marc-Ivan as a teacher was an amazing introduction to film studies. He always made sure to keep the classes informative and fun. The utter appreciation Marc-Ivan has for the art of filmmaking shows through in his classes and makes learning from him the most pleasant experience. We went through every step of film making in our semester with him, and the lessons that I’ve learned then I still carry with me in my career until this day.

Natalia Molero – Brazil