Marc Ivan

Hi, I’m Marc-Ivan O’Gorman, and I produce, direct & edit.

I’m a get-it-done kind of guy, meaning, regardless of the context, just give me a brief, and I’ll deliver what you want, on time and budget.

If you ever need anyone to shoot or edit some killer content for you, and this is crazy, but here’s my number, +1 818 390 1687, so call me maybe.

Here are some of the kinds of videos I make.

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I produce

I produce various long and short form content for broadcast, advertising, corporate communications and NGOs. And I don’t just produce engaging stories for the screen, I also excel at narrative audio. Call it radio, call it podcasting, either way I’ve won prizes for it: have a listen! I’ve produced in Europe and Asia and for … Continue reading I produce

I shoot

I am a self-operating director experienced in shooting on RED, HD, and even 35mm. I’ve shot and directed feature and short dramas, broadcast TV and tons of films for corporate and non-profit groups. Here’s me shooting an interview with Public Enemy’s Chuck D for an upcoming feature documentary on the history of rap. Here I … Continue reading I shoot

I edit

And I also just edit. I’ve been a promo editor (what’s known as a preditor) for an absolute age. I’ve cut promos for broadcasters all over the world. I’ve worked a preditor, writing, producing and editing TV promos for Virgin Media, RTE TV, and Headlines Today. Here’s a selection of the types I made for … Continue reading I edit

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