I edit

And I also just edit. I’ve been a promo editor (what’s known as a preditor) for an absolute age. I’ve cut promos for broadcasters all over the world.

I’ve worked a preditor, writing, producing and editing TV promos for Virgin Media, RTE TV, and Headlines Today. Here’s a selection of the types I made for the Channel 6 in Ireland.

Here’s an indie feature that is currently in post-production. It’ll be awesome when it’s finished. (I must change the temp music and graphics on this, when I get a chance). And guess what? I shot it too, and composed the music. I know, right?

I spent two years cutting Performance Videos – adverts that streamed mostly on social media – for Los Angeles-based agency Tubescience. I cut, color-corrected and created motion graphics on about 12 ads a week during this period so I have lots of them. Here are 3. (I even composed the music on these)

I also like to do those non-profit projects that are good for the soul (despite the heartbreakingly small budgets). This one is about seniors in Ireland. I shot and edited it, and again, (go me!), composed the music. I’m telling you, I’m a one-stop shop.

And I’m certified, baby!

Screen Shot 2018-05-16 at 12.18.11 PM